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2011-05-31 09:15 pm
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Daedarius WiP

The darkness of night smothered all earth bound thoughts, cloaking the small room and bringing an end to the constant flow of foreign thoughts bombarding his brain. Narrow black eyes finally relaxed from the squint they had been locked in for three days, while the furrows in the tan forehead finally smoothed out. Tanned lips plumped again from the thin line they had been pinched into before opening to let loose a soundless sigh of relief. The headache throbbing in his temples slowly began to die down, but he expected it to come back once he left the enforced room once more.

Such was the life of the Webweaver, Jacque.

A red light lit up a small circle behind Jacque’s head, illuminating him in a halo of fire through his dark curls. He had only a moment to reinforce his mind shields before the door opened, breaking the bubble of rare silence and letting in the thoughts of the fifty crew members flitting about the ship. A snarl pulled at his lips, even as he forced himself to turn away from the window and look at who had disturbed his peaceful retreat.

Unimpressed blue eyes met his ugly glare, even as a copper eyebrow rose. Emily Heddin, Captain of the Pegasi Daedarius, was a very impatient woman. And right now her patience was thinner than ever when faced with the very unwilling and cranky teenage male who she had to depend on to keep contact between the ships in the fleet.

A snarl began to curl about her lips, even as Emily tried to reign in her temper at the sheer defiance wafting off of Jacque in waves. When the teen turned away from the captain, the woman’s frail hold on her temper snapped.

“Oh hell no! You are going to drag your ass back out there and fix the mess you made, or may the maker help you, I’ll drag you out by your curls and force you to apologize!”

Emily had an unusual deep voice for a woman, but with that depth came the power over people with sheer intimidation factor. But unfortunately, that power did nothing to sway the teen to do as she willed. Emily and Jacque had butted heads more often than not, and were compared to the clashing of hammers against each other.

But this time, Emily was determined to have her way. There would be no clashing, just a full force bulldozing of the petulant teen into compliance. There was no time for anything else except force, not after that stunt that Jacque had decided to pull. Or rather not pull.

Jacque spun around, mouth open and eyes wide with an imprint of anger on his face, but one look at the murderous glare aimed at him made him stop the words on the tip of his tongue. For all the power he knew he had, Jacque also knew that he was no match for the Captain at her angriest. But that still did not stop him from crossing his arms across his chest with a loud huff.

So what if he didn’t show up for the weekly fleet mind link? They could start using flags and old telecoms again if they really needed to. He ignored the fact that such tech had been labelled dangerous due to the wave links that each telecom sent out and could be spied on, while the mind link could not.

It wasn’t as if they always needed to do the meet, and they had other weavers aboard other than him. Again, ignoring the fact that he had been hired for precisely that as the strongest Web Weaver currently on the planet.