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Maureen ([personal profile] mckenna) wrote2012-01-07 05:21 pm

Ghost Pains

We just sent my brother home to Sweden. It has been an awesome month, with extra poking and annoying to make up for the six that we were separated. I feel like I have just had a limb lopped off and am feeling the twinges. He's currently in transit while I'm here in Florida, feeling angsty.
My little brother isn't with me anymore.
And it hurts.
Could be because, up until six months ago, we had been glued together at the hip. Or almost at the hip. We had our spats, and our fights. But we also had our laughs, our crazy moments and our 'in synch' moments.
And having a month of that after six months of abstinence is like ripping a hole in your gut and just leaving it there for a while before cleaning it up and sewing it together. Just so you can linger in the pain.

Too Angsty. And yes, that was with a capital A.

Onward and forward into the strange future which may or may not have the gassy aftermath of having fudge death chocolate. Whew.