Love Song

Aug. 13th, 2010 08:53 am
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The deep thrumming of a blood filled heart, the pulsing of throbbing veins. The near silent rushing of the crimson liquid echoed loudly in her head. Round and round, constantly moving. Never silent. Silence was a curse, but this was torment. Where was the end of her pains? Where was the solution to her troubles?
Gone! Gone and burned to dust! Never to be seen or heard from again. All she now had left were her pains and troubles; the insecurites and the near constant pains of this non-life that she existed in.
She watched in near disgusted fascination as the two coupled on what used to be her wedding bed. Now it was a nest for the snakes that they were, bathed in the blood of their prey. Blood and seed were splattered across what used to be a pristine white satin cover, while even more was being splashed across the once pale blue walls of the room. Cries and moans were turned to hisses and growling in her ears, even as her mind twisted the image of muscular legs into long tails of iridescent tails of sin.
The two men continuously coupled, ignoring her form that was tied up and hanging from a hook on the wall closest to the closet. Ignoring her suffering as she slowly bled out from the wounds she had sustained from her capture. They indulged in the scent of her blood; they let it arouse them even more and began to bugle their malicious joy.

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The images flickering in the tongues of the fire were nowhere near pleasant. All of them were of the past, all of them were of people who loved pain, and all of them had had a hand in breaking and remoulding him into what he was. They were his trainers, his creators.
They were the Triad.
And he was their Tool. Their only weapon against what they deemed were heathens and heretics to the one true power. Red is what they called him, for it was the colour he had been doused in during training and after completing his tasks. The red of freshly spilled blood. His name had once been Calvin, son of George the Smith. But that was long ago and in a place that no longer existed thanks to the Triad.
Red's victims usually rained insults and among those insults lay his other name. Hell's Whore.


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